Workouts that Rival Run

Workouts that Rival Run

Running is often seen as the ultimate way to exercise, it’s a stress relieving, stamina building, fat burning way to workout but it is not the only challenging high calorie burner. These workouts give running a run for its money.

Aqua jogging

A run with resistance. This is a sure way to increase your heart rate and give your cardiovascular system a good workout. Moreover, unlike a land run, an aqua jog is low impact on muscles and joints. 1 hour of water running can burn around 650 calories for women and 850 for men.

Basket Ball

If you prefer social sports this dynamic and competitive game will tone your whole body as you sprint, dribble and jump your way to fitness. In 1 hour you will burn upwards of 750 calories.


A cross trainer puts far less pressure on your joints than running. Furthermore, if you ramp up the incline you will be increasing the resistance and calorie burn. In 1 hour a women will burn 750 calories or more and a man 1000+.

Jump Rope

Skipping is not just for the playground. In just 10 minutes this cardio workout burns around 100 calories. Don’t think it is a girly activity either, boxers often jump rope to improve their footwork for the ring.

Rock climbing

Not for the faint hearted (or sufferers of acrophobia ) rock climbing improves stamina, strength and focus (well you don’t want to fall off the cliff). During this demanding exercise you will burn between 750 and 1000 calories in an hour.

Mix it up and leave your beloved pavement behind for something new. Or if you hate running, find a high calorie activity you enjoy.