The Wonders of Wearable Tech

The Wonders of Wearable Tech

Major health concerns such as obesity and diabetes have become pandemics that show no sign of decreasing, so wearable tech could not be more relevant. Technology is always advancing; becoming smarter, lighter and more efficient. Wearable technology is the latest advance in promoting health, with sales set to rise from 40 million to 70 million by 2018 according to The Consumer Electronics Association.

This is all well and good but how can wearable tech actually benefit you? Here’s how:

They make getting fit fun

Many wearable tech devices offer rewards in the form of badges, smiley faces or positive messages to keep you motivated to meet your goals. Most have visual displays which give real time feedback, so you can check if you’re on target. And for those concerned about the aesthetics of wearables, there are multiple styles/ways to wear them; ‘Misfit’ prides themselves on the design and versatility of their ‘shine’.

They’re an education

Wearable tech puts you in control of your health. It is up to you to meet your targets, which means you soon realise how active and healthy your lifestyle is (or not).

They empowering

Your health is your responsibility. Wearing a device that provides you with constant feedback and advice empowers you to care about and improve your health, so you can lead a better quality of life.

They positively alter behaviour

We are creatures of habit, but more often than not our habits are negative. Cue wearable tech, it is often worn/used continually so becomes an extension of you; a positive habit that encourages positive behaviour.

They help your GP

When you visit your GP they only get a snap shot of your lifestyle, but technology that constantly monitors almost every aspect of your health; food intake, active hours, calories burnt, sleep quality, heart rate, insulin levels, stress levels…the list goes on, ensures your GP receives a far more realistic picture of your health. Furthermore, you don’t even have to wait until an appointment, you can send any concerning data directly to your GP.

They are the future…

The evolution of technology

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