Take the Quiz: Am I Healthy?

Take the Quiz: Am I Healthy?

Wondering if your habits are healthy? Take our health quiz and get your diagnosis.

1) Do you get your 5 a day?

a) Always

b) I try

c) What’s 5 a day?

2) How often do you indulge?

a) Not very often

b) That’s what weekends are for

c) Whenever I feel like it

3) How often do you eat take-aways/ready meals?

a) Rarely

b) As a treat

c) I live on them

4) When do you exercise?

a) Daily

b) A few times a week

c) Does reaching for the remote count?

5) Do you smoke?

a) Never

b) Every so often

c) Like a chimney

6) Are you stressed?

a) I’m chilled

b) Sometimes

c) Constantly, who isn’t?!

7) How long do you sleep for?

a) 8 hours +

b) A few hours if I’m lucky

c) I am a walking zombie

8) How much alcohol do you consume?

a) I’m teetotal

b) I don’t exceed my weekly unit allowance

c) Every night is a bar crawl

9) How often do you socialise?

a) Daily

b) As much as I can

c) I avoid people like the plague

10) How often do you laugh?

a) Life’s a laugh a minute

b) Now and then

c) A smile is a struggle

The moment you have been waiting for… THE RESULTS

If you answered mostly a:

You are a fitness fanatic, a health guru, a warrior of well-being. Nutrition, exercise, mental and social health are equally important to you.

fitness hero

Advice: The occasional treat/relaxation day is allowed, your routine doesn’t have to be an army regime.

If you answered mainly b:

You try your best to be healthy but sometimes life intervenes, on the whole you lead a pretty well balanced life.

balanced scales

Advice: the key to being healthy is balance and moderation, so well done. Just make sure your healthy habits outweigh your unhealthy habits.

If you answered mainly c:

Wow I’m surprised you have the time/energy to read this article. Your life is chaotic; you barely have time for yourself let alone others.

fire juggling

Advice: It is important to develop healthy habits as soon as possible; the benefits of good nutrition and an active lifestyle are endless. Establish a routine and gain control of your life.