Simple Skin Solutions

Simple Skin Solutions

As a nation we spend multi millions on skin care, but often simple solutions can be found in our kitchen cupboards.

Problem Solution Why
Acne Honey (especially Manuka),

Oat and Yogurt Mask,

Aspirin (crushed tablet)
- Anti bacterial properties

- Yogurt moisturises
- Oats sooth redness

- Reduces inflammation
Dry Skin
Milk (apple to skin or follow Cleopatra lead and dip
into a milk bath)

Oats (pour a handful into tights and soak in the bath)
- Lactic acid moisturises skin and rids of dead skin cells
- Promotes glowing skin

- Softens water
Congested Skin
Fruit Enzymes (mashed papya, grapefruit, orange)
- Contain glycolic acid, and AHA (alpha hydroxy acid)
which gentle exfoliates and reveils a radiant
Eczema Oils (coconut, olive, almond)
- Moisture that penetrates deeper and lasts longer than
Oily skin
Egg Whites (lightly whisk and apply to face, allow to
dry and gently rinse off)

Milk of Magnesia (apply thin layer)
- Absorbs excess oil
- Tightens skin

- Matts skin
Psoriasis (red,
flaky skin)
Olive oil (warm and massaged in)
- Moisturises and soothes
Rashes Blueberry (mush into a mask)

Camomile Tea Bag (soak and allow to cool)
- Antioxidants reduce swelling and promote healing

- Soothing
Rosacea (red flushing
of skin)
Apple Cidre Vinegar (organic is best, either dilute with
water and apply to skin or add 1tsp into glass of water
and drink daily, via a straw to protect tooth enamel)

Liquorice Tea (rinse face in liquorice infused water)
- Balances good and bad bacteria in stomach which is
linked to rosacea
- Healing properties

- Anti-redness
- Calming
Scars Potato (rub on affected area)

Viamin E Oil
- Reduces discolouration, it is a very mild bleach

- Reduces free radiacls that interfere with healing
Stretch Marks
Cocoa Butter (100% concentration is best)

Zinc (in nuts, seeds and seafood, can take supplement)

- High in vitamin E which encourages healing
- Tones skin

- Repairs damaged cells
- Healing
Sun Burn
Aleo vera (add to rich moistuiser)

Apple cider/white vinegar (add a few tsps to a bath)
- Releives sore and tight skin

- Rreduces redness and soreness