How to let go of Summer Stresses

How to let go of Summer Stresses

Too Hard up for a Holiday

If money is tight and a 2 week trip to the Bahamas isn’t on the cards don’t feel too down. A vacation can be replicated in your very own home. Ok, so you can’t create a 5* suite overlooking the Caribbean Sea, but you can make the most of your situation.

Check the weather. If it’s going to be hot plan a barbeque, swim in your local lido or visit the beach (warning: the sea will be cold, but be brave). If it’s a grey day, have a lazy day and read a book á la pool side snooze.

If all else fails, try an inflatable palm tree, sticking up photos of exotic locations and sipping cocktails (fruit or alcoholic, it’s up to you).

Boredom beyond Belief

Children are especially susceptible to this; 6 weeks off and nothing to do. So how can you pass time and have fun?

-Take a trip: camping, visit family or friends

-Learn a new skill: cookery, music, learn a language

-Redecorate: give your house a face lift

-Be crafty: get in touch with your creative side

-Have a party: invite everyone round and make some memories

-Volunteer: helping others can be really rewarding

-Get a job: you’ll be busy and earning money (which you could save for vacation next year)

Weight Loss Woes

It is bikini season, when we brave underwear in public. If your fitness plans have not gone so well, don’t fear.

Fake it. Fake tan can help disguise flaws and contour muscles. If you want an easier option try bronzer or highlighter to enhance shin bones, abs, collar bones, and cheekbones. Remember less is more; you don’t want a tangerine sheen, just a hint of colour.

Stand straight. Your posture can change the appearance of your whole body. Stand tall, shoulders back, hold your stomach and bum in and most importantly smile.

Torched Tresses

The sun, sea and chlorine can wreak havoc with hair, turning luscious silky locks into arid straw strands.

To avoid this scenario use hair spf. This does not mean plastering sunscreen on your head, we’re talking about weightless sprays, balm and oils that protect and replenish the hair fibres.

For extra happy hair invest in good quality after sun shampoo, conditioner and a mask, for an intense concentrated shot of moisture.

Shiny skin

Heat and sun cream usually equate to sweaty, oily, shiny skin, but not this summer. To prevent your sebum glands going into overdrive use a light matte serum, moisturiser or primer before applying your sunscreen.

Choose a gel, oil free, non-comodogenic sunscreen for your face to prevent any spots forming.

Blotting papers will become your best friend. Or for a cheaper alternative use a tissue to gently dab shiny areas and soak up any excess oil.

Now you have let go of your summer stresses go out and enjoy yourself. Before the traditional UK weather returns.