The Best Songs to Sweat to

The Best Songs to Sweat to

Trainers, check, water, check, towel, check, music…no!? Music should be an essential gym bag item, according to new research carried out by London sport psychologists. Dr costas karageorghis of Brunel University lead the team who analysed 6.7 million Spotify (an online music service) playlists titled ‘workout’. The team were particularly interested in the genre, lyrics and bpm (beats per minute) of the tracks.

The aim was to create ‘The Ultimate Playlist’. “A suitably motivational playlist can help to ‘colour’ the symptoms of exercise related fatigue, like breathlessness and a heavily beating heart, in such a way that they are interpreted in a more positive manner” commented Dr krageorghis.

Music pushes your body to go further; when you think you should stop, music has the power to spur you on. This is because “a well selected playlist can moderate how you feel, even at relatively high intensities” says Dr karageorghis.

In general, pop music should be used for slower repetitive movements, dance music for strength and weight training, and the genre of rock should be avoided due to the changes in tempo that affect a workout rhythm.

The top sweaters were Avicii, Duke Dumont and Lady Gaga. Overall, recent upbeat hits were popular and effective choices, with the exception of the male preference for ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

Brunel University & the Members of Spotify Ultimate Playlist

The Track The Artist The Genre The Workout
Roar Katy Perry Pop Preparation
Talk Dirty Jason Derulo R&B Stretch
Skip to the Good Bit Rizzle Kicks Hip Hop/Rap Stretch
Get Lucky Daft Punk Disco Aerobic Warm Up
Move Little Mix Pop Aerobic Warm-Up
Need you 100% Duke Dumont House Cardio (low Intensity)
You Make Me Avicii House Cardio (low intensity)
Timber Pitbull ft Ke$ha Pop Cardio (moderate Intensity)
Applause Lady Gaga Hip Hop Cardio (High Intensity)
Can’t Hold us Macklemore + Ryan Lewis ft Ray Dalton Hip Hop/Rap Cardio (High Intensity)
Happy Pharrell Williams Pop Cardio (High Intensity)
The Monster Eminem ft Rihanna Hip Hop Strength Training
Love Me Again John Newman Pop Strength Training
It’s My Party Jessie J Pop Strength Training
Burn Ellie Goulding Pop Warm Down
Burn Lorde Pop Warm Down

Music = a longer, easier and more productive sweat session. Pick songs that motivate you to move and inspire you to perspire. Blast the tunes loud and workout proud.