6 Ways You’re Damaging Your skin

Using the wrong products for your skin

Face wash, toner and moisturiser should be chosen based on your skin type; dry, normal, combination, oily, dehydrated or sensitive. It is important to note that your skin can be more than one type, e.g dry and sensitive, and most skins are dehydrated, even oily skins. A serum or treatment should be selected based on your skin concern; pigmentation, acne, congestion, rosacea, ageing etc.

Brutally attacking blemishes

Spots are a pain but stabbing, squeezing or scratching them will only aggravate the problem and may leave you scarred. If the pimple has a white head cleanse your face and gently exfoliate with a flannel, the head should come away. If not, wrap your finger tips with tissue (to prevent fingernails stabbing your skin) and gently squeeze the spot. If your blemish is cystic (hard, red, painful lump that does not come to a head) you must not under any circumstances interfere (that means no picking, remove your fingers from your face a.s.a.p).

To treat acne look for chemical exfoliants and bacteria killing ingredients:

  • There are 2 types of chemical exfoliants; alpha hydroxyl acids and beta hydroxyl acids.

-Salicylic acid (BHA found in willow bark)

-glycolic acid (AHA found in sugar cane and fruit acids)

-lactic acid (AHA found in milk)

  • The best antibacterial blemish busters:

-benzoyl peroxide


-tea tree oil

Washing your face with soap

No matter how fancy your French milled soap is, do not wash your face with it, ever! Soap dries your skin out, leaving a tight uncomfortable feeling. Instead opt for a soap free, foam free, gel/balm/milk to effectively cleanse your skin.

Using alcohol laden toners

Toner should be used twice daily (cleanse, tone, moisturise morning and evening). By toner we are not talking about drying alcohol formulas which ‘take the last traces of cleansing off’, we mean modern toners that are formulated to deliver a specific skin need; balancing, purifying, exfoliating, hydrating. Additionally, using a toner allows the skin to absorb the next steps in your routine e.g serum or moisturiser more effectively.

Over exfoliating

Scrubbing your face with harsh grains and beads is not a good idea. They damage your skin’s moisture barrier, harm healthy cells and may cause an increase in melanin production which could lead to hyperpigmentation. Preferably use a chemical exfoliants (AHA and BHA acids) over physical exfoliants (beads, grains, face brushes) a few times a week.

Neglecting sunscreen

The number 1 reason for aging is over exposure to sunlight. 78% of the UVA/UVB we receive is due to accidental exposure, for example through the car window, through the office window, walking about, gardening etc. Ideally you should protect your skin 365 days a year.