5 Potential Dental Dangers

5 Potential Dental Dangers

Dental hygiene is highly important but so many people neglect their teeth and ignore easily fixable problems until they develop into serious issues.

Dry mouth

A dry mouth occurs due to inadequate saliva production and although it is usually nothing to worry about it may be a “symptom of an underlying and more concerning issue” say Dr Nader. A dry mouth accelerates tooth decay as bacteria can breed more easily. Some drugs may cause dry mouth so may close attention to your oral hygiene when on new medication.

Grinding teeth

Known as bruxism, grinding your teeth like a camel may imply your teeth are misaligned or more often that your are emotionally unbalanced. “Mental concentration, stresses such as illness, nutritional deficiency or dehydration, or drug misuse particularly amphetamines” can all trigger teeth grinding says Dr Lester.

Inflamed gums

Medically referred to as gingivitis, inflamed gums are fairly easy to treat unless they are ignored and allowed to develop into periodontitis which may result in tooth loss. Symptoms of periodontitis include bad breath, bleeding/swollen/receding gums. If you value your smile get your inflamed gums checked by a dentist asap.

Tooth decay

If you have a lot of fillings or are loosing alot of teeth you need to reassess your diet and lifestyle. Smoking is detrimental to tooth health as is a diet high in sugary of acidic foods. Medication can also cause damage to teeth, even commons drugs like anti-histamines, aspirin, asthma medications and syrup formulas pose a threat.

Dental health is not just about teeth, oral hygeine covers gums, tongues and lips as well as teeth. So give your mouth the attention it deserves; respect not neglect.