11 Ways to be on Portion Patrol

11 Ways to be on Portion Patrol

Food glorious food. When it comes to food most of us find it hard to restrain ourselves, but to maintain a healthy weight it is time to be on portion patrol.

The Portion Law

Illegal Actions

Mistaking boredom for hunger

Often over eating is a result of boredom. Next time you are bored don’t reach for the chocolate; go out, see friends/family, get some exercise or get some work done.

Eating from bags/packets

“I’ll just have one biscuit”…10 minutes later and the packet is empty. Sound familiar? Try to avoid packet foods to avoid overeating.

Eating from containers, mixing bowls, saucepans

Eating as you go isn’t a good idea, you’ll lose track of what you’ve eaten. It is best to wait until you plate up so you can see exactly how much you are consuming.

Drowning food in oil

Yes some oils like olive oil are healthy, but that doesn’t mean your food should be swimming in them because they are loaded with calories. 1tsp olive oil = 40 calories. Go easy.

Serving a daily buffet

People are terrible at making decisions (me included). An example: you’re at a buffet, can’t decide what to have, so have “one of everything” even though this amounts to 5 plate fulls. The less choice, the easier (for your mind and digestive system).


Eating isn’t a competition, slow down and enjoy each mouthful. Your brain needs 20 minutes to register a full stomach.

Legal Actions

Drinking a glass of water before a meal

The water will fill your stomach a little and reduce the amount you eat.

Dividing up your plate

½ the plate should be vegetables/fruit. The other halve should be equally divided between protein and carbohydrate.

Serve up in the kitchen

This way you’ll be less tempted to pick and over eat.

Serving only what you need not what you want

Give yourself less than you think you’ll eat, you should end up being satisfied but not stuffed.

Putting leftovers away

If they aren’t there you can’t keep going back for seconds or maybe even thirds. Out of sight, out of mind.

Will you end up in portion prison or portion paradise?

food in prison
food in paradise