10 Brilliant Benefits of Being Smoke Free

10 Brilliant Benefits of Being Smoke Free

More reasons to give up smoking!

Better breathing

Quitting allows you to breathe clearly and get rid of that smoker’s cough, because lung capacity is able to increase. Lung capacity can increase by 10% in the first 9 months after quitting. Be warned lung capacity natural declines with age, so smoking may lead to an inactive lifestyle due to constant wheezing.

Happier hair

Ever noticed that smoker’s have less than lustrous hair? Experts believe smoking damages the DNA of the hair follicle and encourages cell destroying free radicals, leading to hair thinning, grey hair and even hair loss.

Improved smell and taste

Smell and taste are desensitised by the 4,000 chemicals and toxins that are packed into a single cigarette. Stop smoking and enjoy the smell and taste of food again!

Less stress

You might be under the impression that smoking combats stress, but the addictive chemical nicotine actually causes stress. Between cigarettes nicotine triggers the brain to produce a stress response due to withdrawal, therefore the smoker has a cigarette and the cycle continues. Relief from a cigarette is only temporary. Being smoke free increases the amount of oxygen the brain receives which improves concentration and overall mental wellbeing.

Longer life

Half of smokers die from smoking related illnesses such as lung cancer, throat cancer, heart disease and chronic bronchitis. If you quit smoking by the age of 30 you will live 10 years longer, if you quit by 60 you will enjoy an extra 3 years of life.

More energy

By avoiding cigarettes your circulation is improved and your immune system is improved. Additionally the extra oxygen reaching your brain means you are less tired and experience fewer headaches.

Save your sight

Cigarette smoking puts oxidative stress on the lens of the eye increasing your risk of cataracts. Long term smoking raises the risk of cataracts extraction by 22%, according to a recent study. Do not think it is too late to quit, it never is, the number of cigarettes smoked was found to be more important than how long a person had smoked for.

Sleep tight

Many smokers report having difficulty sleeping, this is probably due to nicotine withdrawal during the night.

Whiter smile

Tobacco stains teeth an unsightly yellowy-brown, if you prefer a whiter hue to your teeth avoid smoking. Furthermore your breath will be fresher and you are less likely to be left toothless from gum disease.

Youthful looks

Smoking tampers with nutrient rich blood supply that feeds skin tissue. Many of the toxins and chemicals damage collagen in the skin causing premature aging to occur. To delay a creased face and cats bum mouth (common appearance of lines around the mouth due to smoking) don’t light another cigarette!