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How Will An Activity Tracker Get Me To My Goal Weight?

How Will An Activity Tracker Get Me To My Goal Weight?

In case you didn’t know wearable tech is big news. Health and fitness make up a large proportion of this rising trend, with activity trackers like Fitbit gaining huge popularity. But how can a little device ensure you reach your long term health goals?

You’ll eat less

Recording what you eat on a daily basis mean you become aware of exactly what you put into your body. In other words you’ll realise that having already eaten 2 biscuits you probably don’t need the third. Consuming fewer calories will obviously result in weight loss.

You’ll move more

Most activity trackers gentle vibrate to remind and encourage you to get moving. When you are active some devices praise you or display your progress, for example the Fitbit One display a flower that grows when you’re active. Over time exercising is no longer a chore but an enjoyable part of everyday life.

You’ll feel immediate gratification

One of the biggest mistakes people make is giving up on a diet/fitness plan when they don’t see immediate results. With a tracker you don’t have to wonder if you have done enough; throughout the day you can check your progress and see precisely what you have accomplished.

Your goals become easier to achieve

As well as setting long term goals, you set short term goals and when you achieve them you’re motivated to achieve the next and the next and the next…before you know it you’ve reached your ultimate goal.

You can still enjoy your favourite foods

Because you are monitoring the calories you take in and the calories you burn off, a little indulge if fine now and then. For example if you gobble down a burger and a chocolate sundae and record this, then you’ll be aware of how many calories you have eaten and how many you have left for that day, you can constantly adjust your plan to meet your calorie, exercise and weight goals.

It’s a long term solution

So long yoyo dieting. Wearing your fitness device daily means that being aware of your health becomes the norm. Your bad habits are banished, the new healthy you is here to stay.

Try one for yourself. The highly popular Fitbit One or maybe the Fitbit Zip or perhaps you’d prefer the Fitbug orb or Fitbug Air.