Summers No.1 Exercise

Summers No.1 Exercise

When it comes to summer, even in Britain, there is one place people flock to; the beach. Or the pool (ok so two places). But, rather than sunbathing on the sand or lounging by the pool why not get up, take a few steps and actually introduce yourself to the water.

Swimming is extremely beneficial for your mind and body. Here are a few reasons why should you include swimming in your exercise routine:

It’s suitable for all ages, sizes and abilities. Even those with disabilities, injuries or illness can take the plunge because water supports 90% of your body weight.

It’s an endurance workout so your cardiovascular system gets a good workout

All your muscles will be lengthened and strengthened

It Increases your flexibility

It’s a low-impact non-weight bearing exercise

It lowers tension, anger and depression

It’s a workout without the sweat

You will actually have fun

How much will you burn? A 150 pound person will (on average) burn 414 calories in 60 minutes at a moderate intensity level of front crawl. That is the equivalent of a chocolate doughnut or 2 small ice creams. So you can have your cake and eat it and then swim it off.

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to get out and about, but after a long day exploring it is so refreshing to dive in to a cool pool and splash about with a game of catch, water volley ball or get you could get some serious laps in.

If you are making the most of the weather and swimming outside remember your spf and reapply it regularly. Additionally, if you’re open water swimming be aware of strong currents, you don’t want to be swept away into shark infested waters.