Are You Over Exercising?

Are You Over Exercising?

Every person on the planet is different, therefore they require different types and amounts of exercise and their bodies respond differently to those workouts. But is your body trying to tell you to give it a rest?

A normal workout is challenging

Are the weights you usually lift with ease barely making it off the floor? Is the distance you usually run with little effort feeling like a marathon? If your stamina is depleting your muscles would probably benefit from a day or twos rest to regain their strength.

Decrease in lean muscle despite an increase in exercise

Generally this occurs due to a hormone imbalance triggered by excessive exercising, to cope with the extra stress your body begins to burn muscle instead of fat. Ease up on your training, not every session has to be boot camp.

In pain with no gain

People often ignore pain when they are working out because they think ‘it’ll pass’ or they’re too high on endorphins to acknowledge it until after the session. Ignoring pain is never a good idea, it may well get worse and develop into a bigger issue. Take a few days to rest an recuperate, if the pain persists seek medical help.

Falling ill all too often

Although exercising boasts a whole heap of benefits over doing things can actually weaken your immune system leaving you more susceptible to illness and disease. Constantly pushing your body to the limit means it has to work overtime to repair any damage, allow yourself a well deserved break.

Feeling more sluggish than energised

Post workout you should feel full of energy and ready to tackle anything. If you feel lethargic and run down then your body is trying to tell you to rest and recover so you can return to your workout fighting fit.

Regular exercise is important to maintain a strong, healthy body and mind but don’t be afraid to have a day off. Listen to your body and do what’s right for you.