Motivation to Move

Motivation to Move

When people decide to get fitter, they start out keen to exercise hitting the gym, going for a run or cycle. But fast forward a few weeks and what’s happened? Excuses have crept in and before you know it you’re sat on the sofa snacking wondering why you have put on weight and constantly feel run down.

Exercise is essential to the mind and body in so many ways, but it can be hard to stay motivated to fit exercise into our busy lives. So here’s how to keep the motivation up and be on your way to a happier healthier you…


Choose exercises that you actually enjoy doing. If you have fun whilst you exercise you will look forward to exercising again, where as if pick an exercise you hate then you will dread the thought of doing it again.


Try to exercise in an environment that makes you feel good. If the gym makes you feel self conscious or just bored out of your mind then don’t go, try outdoors instead to get a boost of vitamin D.


Seize every opportunity to be active. From taking the stairs to fidgeting in your chair, any movement is better than none.


Allow yourself a day or two to recover, recuperate and repair. This way you will have optimum energy levels and avoid exhaustion.


Make your exercise time social time. Perhaps join a club in your local area or take a dance class to allow yourself to meet new people. It will feel less like strenuous exercise and more like a fun social activity.


Mix it up a little to avoid boredom. Repeating the same exercises week in week out can quickly become tedious, making it likely you won’t bother at all. So try changing the exercises you do, the order you do them in, the place you do them in or the time you exercise. Go for cycle or swim instead of a walk, exercise your arms first instead of your legs, work out at the park instead of at the gym, see the sunrise instead of sunset.