How to Worry Less

How to Worry Less

Think it through

The key to controlling your worry is to change the response to your thoughts not necessarily the thoughts themselves. Thoughts can’t always be controlled and they often reoccur, if you tell yourself not to think about worry, your brain will be working on worry overload. Accept your worry and then let it go, many worries occur due to an imbalance in negative and positive thoughts. A little positivity goes a long way.

Make a list

You’ve probably heard of a wish list, but what about a worry list? Write a list of every little woe and rank them in order of severity, then gradually tackle each issue on the list. Visualising all your worries can help, so every time an apprehension emerges write it down to get it off your mind.

A problem shared…

If worry is getting the better of you then tell someone; a friend, a family member, or a professional. You never know they may have a really simple solution to something that has been troubling you for so long.

No-one’s perfect

Often worries are about insignificant things like “I’m not thin enough”, but rather than beat yourself up remember that no-one is perfect, every person on the planet has their insecurities. When you do something well reward yourself, it’s ok to indulge every now and again.

Distract yourself

Distraction is a great technique to ease your fears; it redirects your attention to something neutral or positive. Try listening to music, counting backwards, thinking of a place where you felt calm and happy or choosing a category of objects and name one for A-Z e.g. mammals, rivers or countries of the world.

Eat Right

Nutrition is so important to maintain a strong and healthy mind and body. Consume foods rich in tryptophan (such as whole grains), magnesium (such as dark leafy green vegetables, nuts, seeds) and omega-3 (such as fish), as well as getting your 5 a day. Avoid alcohol, excess coffee, heavy carbohydrates, refined sugars and fried foods.

Sleep it off

Sometimes a good night’s sleep can make all the difference. It’s not just your body that needs to relax; it’s your mind too. Sleep is essential to be able to function properly, without it you would descend into delirium. Recently researchers have discovered that during sleep the brain ‘cleans’ itself of waste products.

Sweat them out

Exercise can cure so many ailments, and you guessed it, give worries a run for their money. Exercise provides a distraction, clears your mind and releases endorphins which promote the feeling of euphoria.

Live for now

There’s a truth to the saying “cheer up, it might never happen”. You cannot change the past, nor predict the future, so what is the point in fretting? There isn’t one; you have to live for the present, now is all you can control.

Seize Every Opportunity

Occasionally you have to be a little selfish and focus on yourself. If an opportunity arises that will make you happy then take it. You can only help others and spread happiness when you have helped yourself achieve happiness.

So please don’t worry…be happy, because life is too short to worry yourself sick, so worry less and live more!