How to Kick the Habit Without Going Crazy

How to Kick the Habit Without Going Crazy

In this day and age we are all aware that smoking is destructive to our health in multiple ways, so why is it that 10 million people in the UK still carelessly puff away?

Commit to quit. Use the Start guide below.

Set a date to be smoke free

Tell family/friends/colleagues so that they can support you

Anticipate and plan for potential challenges

Rid of any cigarettes/tobacco products in your home

Talk to your doctor to get additional help

Extra tips:

Alternate lighting

If you need to light something chose a candle or incense stick instead of a cigarette, these will allow you to relax.

Avoid your triggers

Common triggers are:

Alcohol: try to drink non-alcoholic drinks or drink in places where smoking is prohibited.

Other smokers: explain to people that you are trying to quit and ask that they don’t smoke around you, or avoid these situations if possible.

Finishing a meal: chew on some gum or snack on some fruit to keep your mouth occupied.

Distract your mind

Get some exercise, do some puzzles, listen to music, read or go online.

Keeps hands busy

Fiddle with pencils, paper clips, squeeze a ball or get creative and learn to play an instrument.

Keep your mouth occupied

When cravings hit, chew a piece of gum, snack on some seeds or nibble on a few carrot or celery sticks.

Stay Hydrated

Drink glasses of water throughout the day to stave of cravings and suppress appetite (many smokers worry about weight gain). Ensuring that you are hydrated minimises the effects of withdrawal.

Treat yourself

When you have been smoke free for a while, reward yourself with the money you have saved by not buying cigarettes.

Don’t give up

Quitting is not easy, often successful quitters were unsuccessful in their first attempt, so if at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again!