How To Sleep Like a Baby

How To Sleep Like a Baby

Sleep like many things is down to personal preference. You need to know your own body and mind, and decide what works best for you. How much sleep do you require? On average adults need 8+ hours sleep per night to perform to their best ability.

Eat well to sleep well

Feeling empty or stuffed to the brim disrupts sleep. Many studies have found the essential amino acid tryptophan aids sleep, it can be found in turkey, cheese, eggs, milk and fish.

Less liquid

Drink less in the evening to avoid a midnight trip to the bathroom. Avoid stimulants like caffeine as they remain in your system for hours, preventing you slipping into a slumber.

Lights out

Generally people sleep better in darkness. Ensure light sources are off or hidden e.g. put that charging phone under a cushion or chose black out blinds to stop external light sources shining through the window.

Keep your cool

Sleep is affected by temperature too hot and you stick to the sheets, too cold and you spend the night shivering. So try to have a cool comfortable environment to doze off in.

Matter of the mattress

A comfy bed is essential. Often people wake with back ache this may be due to their mattress/pillow, whether they are too hard, too soft, too thick, too thin etc. The comfort of your bed is your preference, some people prefer foam mattresses whilst other may like sprung beds. Find what works for you and dream away.

Relax it’s bed time

Try to have a pre sleep relaxation session to calm yourself and prepare for sleep. Perhaps you could take a bath, listen to music or practice some yoga.

Sleep schedule

Establish a routine by going to bed and getting up at a similar time each day, so your body knows when to relax and when to wake up.

Sound asleep

Try to eliminate disturbing sounds to allow yourself to focus on sleep. If silence is not possible in your house try using ear plugs, playing soothing sounds, calming music, listening to the gentle hum of a fan or tick of clock.

Use your body or lose your sleep

Be active in the day to tire your mind and body. If they haven’t been used they have no need to sleep and recover.