Health Timeline

Health Timeline


Probably existing on fast food, alcohol and little exercise. Your body is fairly resilient because it is at its strongest; resources to build a strong healthy body are at their peak. Your body recovers quickly and you are less likely to suffer illness. Respect your body and fuel it right.

Did you know? A sleepless night=fewer calories burnt


Flexibility, strength and bone density decrease. Metabolism slows and the pounds begin to accumulate. The skin’s collagen and elastin production slows. Start an exercise routine; it is easier to start now than later.

Did you know? Your body needs 12 less calories for everyday after 30


Risk of health conditions increases. Vision decreases as lens stiffen. Blood pressure and cholesterol increase. As bone mass decreases risk of osteoporosis increases. Possibility of thyroid problems increases. Try weight bearing exercises to maintain your strength and eat antioxidant rich foods to fight illness.

Did you know? Women are ×4 more likely to develop gallstones


Immune system becomes less sensitive and responsive to vaccines. Pelvic muscles weaken, so it’s more likely that you’ll need the toilet in the night. Skin texture becomes drier; more wrinkles appear as cell turnover slows. Hair thins and becomes more fragile, new growth slows. Practice pelvic (kegel) exercises.


Senses decrease; risk of cataracts and loss of hearing increase and taste and smell decrease. Mild forgetfulness as transmission of nerve cells slows. However life stresses ease, as you near retirement. Stay alert by learning new skills and being active.

Did you know? You lose half your taste buds after 60


Mental health declines as neurogenesis (development of new brain cells) slows/stops. Balance becomes a problem and injuries are more likely. Heart walls thicken and heart valves stiffen. Exercise is essential to aid all the issues above.