How to Fight Fatigue

How to Fight Fatigue

Inevitably everyone feels run down and tired at some point but sometimes these feelings become extreme and turn into fatigue. Fatigue is extreme exhaustion of the mind and body; a lack of energy and motivation. When this disheartening feeling occurs, what can you do to pick yourself up?

Be active

Being sedentary for long periods of time can make you feel even more fatigued. Being active will enliven your mind and body, you’ll be recharged, refreshed and energised.

Know your Nutrition

Consuming too many processed foods, with their high content of additives and preservatives, can weaken your immune system, cause gastric distress and leave you tired. Try to limit sugar, saturated fatty foods, excessive alcohol and caffeine. Ensure you drink at least 2 litres of water (ideally still and unflavoured) to cleanse and hydrate your body.

Sleep Sound

Establish a bedtime routine; allow yourself to wind down, go to bed at a similar time each night, sleep in a quiet, dark, clean space and aim for 8 hours sleep a night. Limited eating and drinking before you sleep to avoid stomach cramps and toilet trips.

Stress Less

Learn to reconnect with yourself; breath, meditate or practice yoga. Make time to do something you enjoy; cooking, dancing, reading etc. Give yourself regular mental breaks during the day; switch electrical devices off, breath and get some fresh air.

Laugh it off

Take time to enjoy other peoples company and laugh. Laughing improves energy, reduces fear, anger and boredom leaving you feeling more optimistic. Studies have found 15 minutes of laughing is the equivalent of 2 hours of sleep, plus it can extend your life.

Don’t worry or give up on trying to feel better, relax and take time for yourself, in time you’ll feel back to normal or hopefully even better. If the feeling of fatigue continues talk to your GP.