Exercise That’s Actually Enjoyable

Exercise That’s Actually Enjoyable

The beginning of a new year always means the start of health kick. As you drank your champagne on New Year’s Eve you swore that this year you would resist the sweets and engage in some exercise. But as the weeks pass the excuses creep in ‘there’s no time to exercise’, ‘I’m too tired’ ‘exercising is sooo boring’. Well, we’re here to prove you wrong. We have a list of exercises that burn the calories, though you’ll be too busy having fun to realise.

Be a Water Baby

Water sports are low impact which means joint pain is less likely to occur. Swimming works your whole body and your cardiovascular system as every muscle is used to push you through the water, lengthening and strengthening your body. But water activities are not limited to just swimming, perhaps try water polo, aqua aerobics, or even aqua zumba!

Be Zen

In the past few years yoga has become a phenomenon, with millions of people raving about its benefits. There are multiple types of yoga: hot and sweaty Bikram, calming Hatha, flowing Vinyasa, intense Ashtanga, relaxing Restorative yoga…there’s just too many to name. Taking a class is a great way to meet other people, but if that’s a bit of a hassle there are lots of tutorials online.

Dance the Night Away

There are so many styles of dance that you’re sure to find one you enjoy. Plus dancing is a social activity so you can meet new people whilst working out. So, whether you like the elegance of ballet, the passion of tango or the freedom of hip hop, get your dancing shoes on and dance those calories away.

Get your axel together

Ice skating is a low impact sport so it’s easy on the joints, not to mention it improves posture and balance which are even more vital as you age. Additionally the motion of pushing each leg forward tones your core, bum and legs. Get your skates on and get gliding, the faster you skate the more calories you burn.

Go round and round in circles

Hoola-hooping may sound like child’s play but it can tone your core muscles and make you laugh trying to keep the hoop up. Weighted adult hoola-hoops are available to make the rotations a little harder. Aim for 20-30minutes of hip wriggling.

Have a ball

Everyone has played a ball game at some point in their life, from school rounders to summer cricket, ball sports are great way to have fun and be social. Go on have a throw/kick around.

Jump for Joy

Trampolining is a great work out for your legs, bum and abs because your muscles are constantly flexing and releasing. Moreover the feeling of being sprung high into the air is so much fun you’ll never want to stop bouncing.

Take a Hike

Walking is an enjoyable and relaxing way to get some fresh air whilst enjoying your surrounding scenery, plus it’s exercise. To make your body work harder wear a rucksack, it’ll act like a weight strengthening your muscles. And to really enjoy the walk invite friends/family to join you.

Make a Racket

Tennis is a social sport for all ages that enhances your strength and agility, and whacking the ball really relieves stress. Maybe you won’t look like Andy Murray when you play, but give it a go. Alternatively try badminton which is just as good at getting your blood pumping and the sweat pouring.

So now you have no excuse to be a couch potato. Get up, get moving and most of all enjoy yourself!