Combating the Cold Weather to Stay Healthy

Combating the Cold Weather to Stay Healthy

With winter comes a host of health issues to overcome, from the common cold to depression and weak hearts. How can you remain fighting fit during the colder months?

Hail Hygiene

The winter months are notorious for the spread of cold viruses. To reduce your chance of infection wash your hands, clean surfaces, change your bedding weekly, eat nutritious vitamin packed foods and take immune boosting supplements such as vitamin C.

Wrap up Warm

Though shivering can burn calories being extremely cold can send the body into shock and damage the immune system. Although it is unlikely you will lose a limb from frost bite, it is always better to be prepared; you never know when a freak snow storm will catch you out.

Stay Active

On a cold day it can so tempting to snuggle up in your duvet by a fire. Whilst this may make you feel good at that particular moment, long term it’s not going to benefit your health. In fact people put on an average of 2 lbs every winter. Sure time and weather affect your workout but just 5 minutes here and there is better than nothing at all. Jog on the spot whilst watching the telly, take the stairs, walk instead of jumping in your car etc. A little goes a long way. To ensure you’re doing enough try using an activity tracker.

Deal with Depression

When the blue sky is replaced by grey, our mood often follows; happiness fades into depression. It is an especially hard time for sufferers of SAD. If you feel down don’t ignore it, tell someone: a friend, family or your GP. Exercise can also lift your mood by releasing happy hormones including serotonin, dopamine and endorphins.

Get some Fresh Air

Okay so the grey sky, drizzle and general icy air aren’t really enticing you to go outside, but it is essential that you venture outside at some point. Despite the fact the sun is in hibernation, vitamin D is still present and a brisk walk will do wonders for your mental health.

Love your Heart

Every holiday season there is a rise in heart attacks. “If you haven’t exerted yourself all year and then go shovel a heavy, 8-inch snowfall, your heart is definitely strained simply due to working harder.” says Dr. LeeAnna Lyne from Susquehanna Health Medical Group in Pennsylvania. Whilst exercising is important, pushing yourself to exhaustion will cause more harm than good.

As the seasons change so too should your methods of staying healthy. Take care, stay warm and remain active.