About Us

What we are about

More and more people are living longer, but longer doesn’t mean healthier. Well for life was created to support you in living not only longer but healthier and happier. Our information and products encourage you take control of your health with self monitoring, exercise and diet. After all, life is for living.

Our philosophy

We are not interested in short term fads or crazy diets. We’re about sustainable healthy lifestyle choices that will benefit you throughout your life, because everyone should enjoy life to the full.

Our vision

Currently unhealthy lifestyles contribute to a vast array of ailments from lethargy to type 2 diabetes. We aim to make you realise how easy it can be to prevent and even treat many conditions with diet, exercise and health monitoring. We shall change the nation one person at a time from inactive, takeaway loving smokers to active, fresh food loving sunscreen wearers.

Our promise

You, the customer, are highly important to us. We have scoured the world to identify the very best products to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. We also provide information to ensure you are up to date on all the essential health news and facts.