9 Christmas Gifts for the Health Nut

9 Christmas Gifts for the Health Nut

That time is almost upon us again. It can be a real pain trying to find the perfect Christmas gifts, but fear not. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to buy a health enthusiast we’ve got you sorted.

Activity Trackers

Remember when pedometers where a big deal? Well these are the next generation; smarter, lighter and far more versatile. Although Prices range depending on the make, model and generation the Fitbug is a great choice for those on a budget, costing under £50. Fitbit also offer brilliant options costing between £50 and £120.


If you or your loved ones are lucky enough to be heading for some winter sun you might want to consider using SunFriend. This smart wristwatch keeps skin safe in the sun, with an LED display that lights up when you have reached maximum sun exposure for your skin type. Not only will it reduce your risk of skin cancer but it will also ensure you receive your vitamin D.

Recipe Books

Creating a meal from scratch is so much more satisfying than shoving a ready meal in the microwave, not to mention how much healthier it is. Moreover, cooking is a fantastic skill to have, to paraphrase the bible ‘give a man a meal and he eats for a day, teach a man to cook a meal and he eats for a lifetime.’

Workout Clothes

To get the best from a workout, you need the right gear. Obviously, the sport your recipient practices will determine what you buy. Popular choices include sport bras, leggings and trainers. Sport socks, sweat bands, hair ties would make excellent stocking fillers.

Workout Equipment

If you know someone who prefers to train at home or is always on the go, exercise equipment could make the perfect gift. Dumbbells, weights, resistant bands, exercise balls, yoga mats, wobble boards can be used by anyone. Or if you are feeling particularly generous how about an elliptical trainer, running machine or exercise bike?

The Accessories

If you’re on a tight budget or are looking for a secret Santa present or stocking filler look no further then the essential accessories every fitness fanatic requires; water bottle, gym bag, towel, kinesio tape, gloves, muscle soak etc.

Note Pad

Do you have a friend who is always making fitness goals, but then forgets them? Help them out by providing a pad to jot down all their goals and achievements.


In order to have the perfect workout your body has to be fuelled with the best nutrients. Help your loved one achieve optimum workout results with the assistance of juicer.

Sports Ear Phones

Studies have proven that working out to music results in a more successful session. Buy the gym bunny in your life a pair of superior ear phones designed to stay in ears (even during the most vigorous of workouts) and resist sweat all without compromising sound quality. Basic models can be purchased for as little as £3 but if you want your headphones to incorporate Bluetooth technology you’ll be looking at a bigger price tag.

Whoever the health conscious recipient is, they’ll be sure to love your thoughtful, generous gift.