5 Easy Ways to Squeeze in Exercise

5 Easy Ways to Squeeze in Exercise

Work, school runs, food shopping, appointments and socialising take up a huge portion of your life and sometimes when it all gets a bit hectic, something has to slide, but don’t let it be your health.

Active commute

If possible make your commute to work an opportunity to be active. Walk, run or cycle your way to the office to get your mind and muscles firing.

Be a fidget

Don’t just be still as a statue when at work or sat down, fidget. Some people feel fidgeting is impolite but recent studies have shown fidgeting aids concentration and can shift a few calories.

Lively lunch

Your lunch break it is great opportunity to get a quick workout, whether you go for a stroll to stretch your legs or do some simple squats and lunges whilst waiting for your order. Any movement is better than staying stuck to a chair, plus you will return refreshed for a productive afternoon.

TV training

Rather than being a couch potato use you TV watching time to exercise. You can still watch your programme but get moving rather than being stuck to the sofa. Try doing light weight exercises such as lunges with dumbbells, calf raises or bicep curls.

Walk it out

If possible walk everywhere. Do not even think about getting in your car to drive a couple of hundred metres up the road to the shop (even if it is raining), you have legs for a reason so use them. When faced with the choice of lift or stairs always chose the stairs.