5 Easy Ways to Be Confident

5 Easy Ways to Be Confident

The dictionary definition of confidence is ‘a state of certainty’. That means certainty in who you are and where you are going. If you portray confidence then that is what others will perceive but if you are a trembling mess…fear not. This article is here to help you steady those quivering knees and conquer confidence once and for all!

The benefits of being confident:

  • Less likely to be depressed
  • Better communication; more able to hold eye contact, meet new people and engage in conversation
  • Better quality of life; you won’t hold yourself back from achieving your dreams
  • Confidence is trust; if you don’t believe in yourself how can others?

1 Exercise your Demons

Exercise doesn’t just make you physically strong; it makes you mentally strong too. If you are happy with your body then you’re more likely to hold it better and show it off, (both ooze confidence). Furthermore, exercising causes a peak in productivity; in fact your mind is razor sharp for up to 12 hours after a moderate-high intensity 30 minute workout.

2 Dress the Part

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but unfortunately so many of us do. The clothes you wear can have a massive influence on how you feel. Clothing is an indirect form of communication, so what do you want your clothes to say about you? “What’s the point; I’ll probably fail.” Or “I am happy to be me and dressed for success.”

3 Stand Tall

People who walk around like a snail desperately trying to disappear into its shell are saying “I have no confidence”. By releasing those hunched shoulders and standing up right (as evolution intended) your height is increased, and height equals power. Eye contact is also important to maintain attention and engage in conversation.

4 Positive Praise

It is very easy to focus on weaknesses, but what about your strengths? Create a list of all your positive attributes and achievements, and then read them out loud. For a daily confidence boost use post it notes so you can stick your best qualities where you’re most likely to see them.

5 Compliment Others

We all subconsciously crave attention and we all have insecurities, so when you notice something different about someone or something you like, tell them. Being kind to others will make you well liked and consequently feel better about yourself. Plus, what goes around comes around, so you’re more likely to receive a compliment.

It is, however, important to stay grounded and not let your big head go floating off to cloud 9. Confidence is about balance. Too little and you’ll shy away, avoiding risks for fear of failure, too much and you’ll go full throttle into any situation regardless of risks. With optimum confidence you’ll accurately assess a situation, try your best but know when to admit defeat.


Where do you lie on the confidence scale?

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