The 13 Most Insane Diets of All Time

The 13 Most Insane Diets of All Time

People are always looking for a quick fix to lose weight, hence the thousands of diets out there. Whilst some may work, the majority are not advisable long term and a few are just ridiculous and potentially dangerous! Commence the countdown…

At 13: The Vision Diet

blue glasses

If rose tinted glasses make the world more appealing, blue tinted glasses must make food less appealing, right? Apparently so, wearing blue tinted glasses makes food less tempting and means followers will eat less. The reality is people eat the same amount but may suffer headaches, eye strain and look a bit odd.

At 12: The Baby Food Diet

baby food

All meals are replaced with a pot of baby food. You lose weight because you’re eating portions designed for a baby not a full grown adult, but you won’t be getting much fibre, taste or enjoyment from this limiting diet.

At 11: The Twinkie Diet

twinkie cake

Created by a bakery manager who suggested people eat only Twinkie cakes. The idea is that followers become bored with eating the same 150 calorie cake all day long so eat less and less. Twinkie cakes have no nutritional value and we can’t help thinking this diet was more of a gimmick to boost Twinkie sales than help people lose weight.

At 10: The Sleeping Beauty Diet

sleeping mask

This diet encourages followers to sleep 24/7, thus eliminated the need to eat. Not sure how you would work, but more importantly how could your body function efficiently? Lying still for long periods of time causes a decrease in muscle mass resulting is a weak body. Furthermore this method is counterintuitive as sleeping 24/7 causes weight gain not loss.

At 9: The Hallelujah Diet

the holy bible

The food followers can eat is dictated by Genesis chapter 1 verse 29. Most of the foods mentioned in the verse are natural, raw, vegan foods which mean little protein is consumed. In fact this diet is so limiting that even God gave up in chapter 9 verse 3 when he lifted all diet restrictions.

At 8: The Soap Diet

soap diet

Apparently in the 1920’s people didn’t need to exercise, they simply washed daily with fat burning soap. It took a while for people to realise the fat melting soap was simply soap, but at least they were clean.

At 7: Ear Stapling

ear staple

This method of weight loss is influenced by acupuncture. The inner cartilage of your ear is stapled with surgical staples to stimulate the pressure point related to weight loss. A bit extreme considering that after a few weeks your body becomes used to the staple, so any possible benefit is lost. It is more likely that any success was down to a placebo effect.

At 6: The Cotton Ball Diet

cotton balls

Before eating this diet suggests you consume a few cotton balls to fill your stomach and make you less hungry. Obviously this is ridiculous as cotton balls have no nutritional value and may harm your digestive tract.

At 5: The HCG Diet


In the 1950’s barmy British physician A.T.W Simeons came up with a 500 calorie a day diet which was accompanied by a daily HCG injection (HCG is a hormone produced during the early stages of pregnancy). People who tried this diet will have lost weight because they are under eating by 1500-2000 calories a day, but the HCG injection put them at greater risk of: headaches, depression and blood clots.

At 4: Tapeworms

tapeworm diet

A tapeworm is a parasite, meaning it lives off its host a.k.a you. You can unintentionally get tapeworm infections from uncooked contaminated meats. But in the early 1900’s a tapeworm infection was highly desirable, so much so that tapeworm pills were made to promote weight loss.

At 3: Breatharianism


Based on Hinduism, followers believe humans only require air and sunlight to survive. This extreme diet was generally used for spiritual reasons. Needless to say many devotees died due to dehydration and starvation. Case and point.

Runner up: The Cigarette Diet


The idea is that you suppress your hunger with a cigarette. Cigarettes might have 0 calories but they harbour over 4000 harmful chemicals which could lead to a number of serious conditions including cancer, heart disease, stroke, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia. You should never start such a harmful habit to lose weight.

The Top spot goes to Mr Linn and his Last Chance Diet

animal bones

During the 1970’s Roger Linn encouraged people to drink his protein prolinn formula. The recipe was a mouth watering mixture of slaughter house left overs; horns, hooves, tendons, hair and bones…mmm. Artificial flavours and colours were added (I can’t think why). Unbelievably an estimated 3 million people tried this diet and around 60 people suffered a heart attack as a direct result of Mr Linn’s concoction.

Hopefully it’s clear that you’re better off eating a balanced diet rather than putting yourself at harm by experimenting and starving yourself.